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Gynecomastia risks & complications

It is possible that both breasts will not match identically after gynecomastia surgery. This is not an exact science and both sides should be treated as two separate surgeries. It is possible to have one nipple lower than the other or slight differences in volume. After a full recovery, any revision surgery can be discussed with your surgeon.

Excessive Scarring
If skin has to be removed along with fat and tissue there will be a larger scar across the chest. Surgeons will minimize this as much as possible but the risk remains, especially for those who do not heal as well such as smokers. Smokers have an increased risk of tissue loss and delayed healing. Your surgeon will most likely recommend you stop smoking for several weeks before and after your gynecomastia surgery.

Irregular Contour Deformities
Dents, bumps and ripples may appear after your procedure which may require additional surgery, deep tissue massage, subcision or fat grafting. Fibrous scar tissue formation can also occur. It is very important to follow all pre and post-op instructions closely and to research your surgeon thoroughly.

Pigmentation Changes
Pigmentation changes or discoloration are also risks of the liposuction aspect of gynecomastia. Hyper-pigmentation (permanent dark spots) from the bruising can occur. Most often discolouration will be temporary but it can be permanent in some cases.

Altered Sensation
Numbness or heightened sensitivity of the breasts or nipples is possible after gynecomastia surgery. Sensation usually returns to normal after the full recovery period, but can be permanent in rare cases.

Insufficient Tissue Removed
Like all body contouring surgery, it is possible that too little tissue was removed and the problem area is still present even after several weeks and months of recovery. In this case you should return to your surgeon for a touch-up. Many surgeons will err on the side of caution and rather remove too little, than too much tissue since it is much easier to fix the former problem. Be sure to ask your surgeon about touch-up policies and cost before your surgery.


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