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Dr. Somogyi’s approach is to listen to your goals and desires, provide you with the information you need and help guide you to a clear, comfortable decision. Only with total confidence in your decision will you move forward to surgery where safety and excellence in results becomes the ultimate goal.

Since completing his medical training at the University of Toronto School of Medicine, he completed the University of Toronto Plastic Surgery Training Program and spent an additional year of subspecialty training in Melbourne, Australia. There, at the prestigious Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, he mastered novel and innovative techniques in aesthetic surgery, especially in the field of breast surgery and body contouring. Liposcution and fat grafting have become a huge part of his practice and an area of his expertise that patients seek out from across the country.

Dr. Somogyi is an Assistant Professor with the University of Toronto Division of Plastic Surgery and is currently on staff at North York General Hospital and Women’s College Hospital. Through his downtown office at Toronto Plastic Surgery and The Cumberland Clinic, he has developed an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery practice that focuses on patient centred care with the ultimate goal of patient comfort, confidence and excellent results.

Dr. Somogyi would be delighted to provide more information during a complimentary consultation at your convenience. Please contact his office for more information.



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