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  The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic
  50 Albert Street, Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3S2
  Tel: 519-746-1132 Toll-Free: 1-800-575-6895


  Price of consultation:
  $75 + gst (deducted from
  the cost of surgery)

Dr. Robert Shenker is a fully qualified plastic surgeon with a wide-ranging cosmetic and reconstructive surgery practice.

Dr. Shenker's philosophy with respect to cosmetic surgery is to provide safe, subtle, and satisfying results that will help patients look, feel, and be their best
. He offers safe, research-proven aesthetic enhancements for people who want to discover their natural radiance without compromising good health. Whether it involves the face, the abdomen, the breasts, or any other part of the body, cosmetic surgery provides physical and aesthetic benefits that enhance patient confidence and self image.

Dr. Shenker divides his time between cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. His Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is in Waterloo, Ontario, just an hour from Toronto and a short drive from other major centres in Canada and the northern United States.

"There are many things I love about plastic surgery. I love the way a patient's life can be transformed by a simple surgical procedure. I love helping people regain the ability to live their lives to the fullest through reconstructive or cosmetic surgery with procedures that can allow people's personalities to shine. It is the broad range of patients, their concerns, and the wide range of options that can be used to address patient concerns that make plastic surgery such a wonderful profession and art form".

Dr. Shenker was born and raised in Montreal. After completing his undergraduate science degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Dr. Shenker went on to complete medical school at the University of Toronto. Dr. Shenker did his plastic surgery residency training at the University of Toronto.

During his residency, Dr. Shenker simultaneously completed the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons’ Surgical Scientist Program and earned a master’s degree in the area of surgical wound healing. After completing his residency, Dr. Shenker undertook subspecialty fellowship training in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery at University of British Columbia in Vancouver.











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