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  YES Cosmetic Surgery Centre,
  Interchange Professional Centre,
  #301 - 8837 201st Street, Langley,
  British Columbia, Canada V2Y 0C8
  Tel: (604) 888-9378 Toll Free: 1-877-527-7697

  Price of consultation:

  Approx price of surgery:
Ranges from $ 2,500 – $ 7,500

  As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Mathew Mosher views his work as the "surgical art of possibilities."
He creates an individualized solution for each patient, making use of the latest technology and techniques to help them achieve their goals. His reward as a surgeon is the ability to restore
function and create balance between the way you look and the way you feel.

Dr. Mosher completed medical school in 1988 (University of British Columbia) and his Plastic and
Reconstructive Surgery
in 1995 (Univ. of Saskatchewan). He then completed an accredited
Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery prior to starting practice in his home province of British Columbia. Dr.
Mosher has continued to focus on Cosmetic Surgery with a special interest in both facial, breast and
body rejuvenation procedures.

  There are now more choices than ever for men and women wanting to improve their shape.
Essential to achieving optimal results from body contouring surgery is a healthy lifestyle prior to
surgery. Dr. Mosher emphasizes the relationship between good nutrition, regular effective exercise
and an individualized reshaping surgery plan. Small canulae and ultrasound assisted liposuction
is used to permanently improve problem areas of the arms, breast, abdomen, hip and thighs.
When necessary, abdominoplasty, thigh lifts, arm lifts and tightening procedures are employed.
Each patient needs to be presented with options so that together, Dr. Mosher and his patients can
make the best choice for them. What sets Dr. Mosher apart is the time and care he gives to each
. He views plastic surgery as a partnership between himself and his patients. Prior to
surgery, he spends time with each patient, reviewing all the options and working out the most
reasonable and realistic way to proceed.

  Dr. Mosher believes that cosmetic surgery should be a positive experience that extends from the
initial consultation through to the final recovery. His patients describe him as caring,
,and sympathetic. The fact that his previous patients are his most frequent referral
source is a testament to his exceptional talent as a surgeon and his excellent people skills.

  Located in Langley, BC, Dr. Mosher's office is where you'll meet with him for your private
consultation and all pre- and post-surgery appointments. This location is within 45 minutes of
anywhere in the Vancouver area. Dr. Mosher and his staff will make sure you are completely
comfortable with all aspects of your surgery and will ensure that your entire experience is a positive
one. Many non-surgical procedures, such as laser, skin rejuvenation and botox treatments, are also
performed right in the office for your comfort and convenience.







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