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  2125 11th Ave., Regina,
  Saskatchewan S4P 3X3


  Price of consultation:
  $200 + tax deducted from the
  price of surgery

Dr. Ledding is a plastic surgeon in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is known for his experience, a caring bedside manner and excellent surgical results. Dr. Ledding takes time to speak with you on your private consultation, and helps you develop realistic expectations. He will make sure you understand the details of your Body Contouring surgery, and any risks involved. Dr. Ledding specializes in providing a natural result in his body contouring work, and he regularly gets referrals from previous patients.

Dr. Ledding is currently the only plastic surgeon in Saskatchewan to offer SAFE liposuction. This liposuction has a unique technique that has been proven to provide a smooth end result and/or help smooth irregularities from previous liposuction surgery. Dr. Ledding traveled outside of Canada to learn this procedure from its originator, and bring it back to Regina. He uses this technique in most of his liposuction cases. For more information, visit

Other Body Contouring procedures Dr. Ledding offers include Tummy Tucks, Arm Lifts and Fat Grafting.

For details of Dr. Ledding's qualifications please visit his plastic surgery profile here


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