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  Broadway Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre
  Suite 100, 1333 West Broadway
  Vancouver, BC, Canada V6H 4C1

  Tel: (
604) 874-2078

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Benjamin Gelfant MD is not the average Plastic Surgeon.

  From the time he began at the University of British Columbia as an undergraduate student, his way has always been to take “the road less traveled.” Although determined to be a doctor, his love of the Arts led him to take a different pre-medical school path, one that mixed the required courses of the sciences of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics, with a broader training in Literature, History, Philosophy, Sociology and Creative Writing. His interests beyond plastic surgery range from photography and travel to history and literature, canoeing wild rivers and flyfishing. Yet his first loves are his family and Plastic Surgery.

  “I have always believed medicine could combine the arts and science in a way no other profession could. I said that in my interviews for medical school when I was twenty. I believe more now than I did then, but I now know that Plastic Surgery combines Art and Science more than any other field in medicine".

  “It is not unusual for me to spend a half hour with a new patient talking about just about anything but plastic surgery, if she or he is so inclined. It is just so enjoyable getting to know people. And everyone has a story to tell”. His website contains detailed information about liposuction and body contour surgery.

  Dr. Benjamin Gelfant graduated from the University of British Columbia faculty of Medicine, interned at the Toronto East General & Orthopedic Hospital and was licensed to practice in British Columbia in 1979.

  He practiced in B.C. in general practice from 1979 to 1981 prior to entering residency training in plastic Surgery at the University of British Columbia, where he completed training in 1986. He then was a Fellow in Paediatric and Craniofacial Surgery in Norfolk, Virginia. This was followed with a fellowship in Cosmetic Surgery of the aging face and body contour surgery. He later spent two months as a Fellow of the A-O organization in Basel, Switzerland involving treatment of complex facial injuries. He was Chief of Plastic Surgery at Maricopa Medical Centre in Phoenix, Arizona from 1988 to 1989.

  In June of 1989, he decided to return to Canada and private practice in Vancouver, where he has remained since. The Broadway Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Centre is his state of the art surgical facility, which he has owned and directed since June 2000.

  Dr. Gelfant is certified in Plastic Surgery and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada. He has been elected to membership in numerous professional organizations including the Canadian Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, the Canadian Society for Esthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society For Aesthetic Surgery. He is also holder of the prestigious Certificate of Advanced Education in Surgery given by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is past president of the British Columbia Medical Association Section of Plastic Surgery, Author of Cosmetic Surgery: A Patient's Guide and numerous scientific presentations and publications, Dr. Gelfant is an active member in many national and international plastic surgery organizations, exchanging techniques and knowledge with the entire plastic surgery community, including Canada, the U.S.A., Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia.


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